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Miru (6 lenses)

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In stock > 200 pcs
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Choose parameters: right eye Help

Dispatching 26 Apr

Choose parameters: left eye

Dispatching 26 Apr

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Miru reviews:
98 % based on 10 reviews

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Details of Miru (6 lenses)

Miru 1month Menicon contact lenses are monthly lenses designed to reduce the feeling of dry eyes. Their name is derived from the Japanese word miru – “to see”. Miru lenses feature one of the highest oxygen permeabilities and thanks to the technologies used – MeniSilk and Nanogloss – they provide extra hydration and comfort. Because Miru lenses are made this way, they create a perfectly smooth surface and give improved hydration. This process also reduces the production of both lipid and protein deposits and minimises any settling of bacteria.

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This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

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Product Details

Expiration: At least 11 months
Lenses in a box:  6
Inside-out indicator:  No
Material:  Asmofilcon A
Extended wear:  No
Water content:  40 %
Oxygen transmissibility:  161 Dk/t
Silicone Hydrogel:  Yes
UV filter:  No
Easy handling tint:  Yes
Diameter:  14.00
Power:  from -13.00 to +6.00
Base curve:  8.3, 8.6
Weight: 32 g
Category:Monthly Contact Lenses
Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Spherical Contact Lenses

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Comments about Miru (6 lenses) Add a question

  • Francoise R.

    Hello, I bought these lenses last Friday, April 9th, thinking they were in stock, but apparently not. Now, it says that is 200 hundred pcs and the availability: "dispatching today" this means that I'll soon get my lenses or not? Thank you

    • Gergana-Ekaterina Belcheva Lentiamo.co.uk


      Thank you for your comment.

      We do have certain packs in stock, however others – not. The real dispatch date is visible once you select the parameters of the box.

      Please send me your order number on info@lentiamo.co.uk so I can provide you with more details.

      Kind Regards.

      • Francoise

        Thank you very much for your reply. I just sent my order number to info@lentiamo.co.uk.

        • Gergana-Ekaterina Belcheva Lentiamo.co.uk

          Thank you!

          I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Jenny

    I only need lenses for my right eye. Will a box of 6 contain just right eye lenses if I only specify a prescription for that eye?

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello Jenny,

      Yes, there's no difference between right and left eye, just select the parameters in one and put “0” boxes in the other.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Sha

    Hi. Can i wear Miru lenses all day long ?

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello Sha,

      Yes, they can be worn all day long, unless your eye specialist advises you to do otherwise.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Camilla B.

    I need to add more detail to my prescription. How can I do this?

    • Tanya Roydeva Lentiamo.co.uk


      I would like to ask you to contact us at info@lentiamo.co.uk. I'm not sure I understand your question.


  • Maria W.

    are these all day/night please

  • Martin

    I live in the UK. My friend said I need to go to Specsavers in the UK in order to buy these. Is this correct? Can't I just buy direct from you?

    • Jessica James Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hi, You can most definitely order these from us. We have them available and will deliver to you! Thank you

  • Diane R.

    Whoops my key board spell check crashed....2nd attempt! I need a three month supply of Miru 1 day flat pack lenses can you tell me how many boxes I would need? Thanks

    • Petru Culin Lentiamo.co.uk


      I believe you need the Miru 1 day lenses. These Miru (6 lenses), under which you commented, are monthly ones.

      So, daily lenses come in pack of 30, if you need lenses for both eyes for 3 months, it will amount to 6 boxes.

      I hope my reply helped. :)

  • Diane R.

    i need a three month supply of Miri 1day flat pack contact lenses ,can you trell me how many boxes I need . Thanks


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Amazing website with try on option. Easy steps to follow. Fast delivery and best quality sunglasses I have ever had. Thank you will definitely shop again