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Contact lens applicator & remover

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Contact lens applicator – silicone reviews: 76 %based on 11 reviews

a lot better than using your finger. takes some getting used to but a good idea.
OK,but too small for larger fingers.
Far too small and fiddly to try and use .
I got this because I currently have long nails and have always struggled to remove my lenses. I bought this in hopes I could removed my lenses without having to cut down my nails. Sadly it didn't work for me as my contacts wouldn't come upstuck at all even after following the instructions exactly.
The product was bought due to post operative inability to put contact lenses in.

It did its job!
Not very easy to use at all and will not buy it again. Fiddly quality.
Tried it for the first time because I always mangage to poke my eyes somehow, and its a nifty little tool to have. Although I recommend that it should come with a travel case too.
I love this - being able to see through the lens and through the applicator to see what im doing is a real benefit. The lens comes off easily and its a joy to use
I was like ***? It was TINY and I *** it to begin with. Then I thought, they can't sell it if it doesn't work. Well I did ... and it was amazing!! I cannot keep a contact on my finger due to wrist problem - with the applicator, no problem!! Upside down, sideways it works ... it is tiny - think matchstick size - but small is mighty in this case.
Love it
Just getting the hang of it

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Details of Contact lens applicator – silicone

A safe, hygienic way to insert and remove soft and hard contact lenses, ensuring easy application even with long, manicured nails.

How to use the contact lens applicator suction cup:

• Place the contact lens in the palm with the rounded side facing upwards.
• Attach the applicator and press it.

Pressing the applicator creates a slight vacuum which holds the contact lens. Then, place the lens on the eye and press the applicator suction cup again to release it.

Let applicator dry after each use and replace every six months.

Product Details

Weight: 3 g
Manufacturer:Horien Contact Lens
Eye Care

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Comments about Contact lens applicator – silicone Add a question

  • J'deanne

    hello how do I keep the applicator safe so it doesn't get bacteria

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello J'deanne,

      It may be cleansed with the same solution you use for the lenses, as long as it not peroxide, before application.



  • Emma J.

    Does this product contain any latex??

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hello Emma,

      As far as we know the applicator is made of silicone.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Lee

    Does this tool work for daily disposal Lee as the Lee are really soft.

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi

      Hi Lee,

      It is an applicator, but we know of some customers who manage to use it to take the lenses out.

      Regards, Fabrizio

  • Anna V.

    Is this tin lens adaptor solid silicone or does it have a hole in the suction cup? I am trying to replace one i already have which is solid and it is very good.

    • Tanya Roydeva


      The lens applicator is really small and not so solid silicone. It has a hole in the suction cup.



  • Malcolm H.

    Does the silicone applicator (soft lens removal tool) come in a case or protective tube

    • Tanya Roydeva


      Thank you for your question. No, the contact lens applicator doesn't come in a case or protective tube. It comes in a tiny plastic package as the applicator is really small.


  • Jose S.

    Is the applicator suitable for disposable contact lenses

    • Tanya Roydeva


      The applicator can be used with disposable contact lenses.



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