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Quality Complaints

Claims are handled immediately at Lentiamo. You'll never waste time or lose patience with us.

Have you received a defective or problematic product? Do you suspect a manufacturing defect or is the product unusable? Send us your claim.

Fill in the form to make a claim

To help us process and resolve your claim as quickly as possible, please provide as much information about the problem as you can. Any details included in the form can help us resolve your case more effectively!

What will we need? Here's a short list!

For quality complaints concerning glasses and sunglasses, we need you to:

  • specify the order number under which you purchased the glasses
  • describe the problem in detail
  • specify the model number (usually visible on the inside of the temples of the glasses)
  • attach photos in which the defect is visible

For quality complaints concerning contact lenses, we need you to:

  • specify the order number under which you purchased the lenses
  • describe the problem with the lenses in detail
  • provide the lot number (LOT) printed on the box of the problematic lenses
  • attach a contact lens prescription recently issued by an eye specialist (no more than 1-year-old)

Important! Do not discard any lenses from the package related to the claim until the claim has been resolved. The lenses may be requested by the manufacturer as proof of the defect.

Claims regarding the tint of coloured contact lenses, unless there are obvious manufacturing defects, will not be accepted.

How to make a quality claim at Lentiamo?

Simply fill in the form found on this page, describe the problem, and attach the requested photo documentation.

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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