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Where to buy blue light glasses

Where to buy blue light glasses?

Glasses are not only a medical aid for correcting the eyes, but also a trendy accessory for people who don't need a visual aid. This isn't a new trend, but non-prescription glasses are now more in demand than ever.

Wondering where to buy computer glasses online?

There's a huge range of top-quality brands and models to choose from, which can make the selection a little overwhelming.

Here at Lentiamo you can try on a wide variety of frames online and benefit from free delivery every time you buy Lentiamo Collection blue light blocking glasses.

Buy blue light glasses

Have a wide selection at your disposal

Even though optician shops have a decent selection of glasses, they can’t match the number of brands and models available online. This is because online shops usually have large warehouses that keep a wide variety of glasses in stock for immediate shipment. If you are looking for a certain brand, shape, colour, or material, you will find it at Lentiamo in seconds.

What are the benefits of wearing blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses are specially designed to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to harmful blue light from screens, whether you are wearing them for working on a computer or reading an article on your smartphone. The protective coating on the lenses reduces the blue light from reaching your eyes.

Some benefits blue blockers may promote are:

  • Better Sleep
  • Prevents Eye Strain
  • Prevents Dry Eye
  • Prevents Headaches
  • Enhanced Visual Clarity

Try glasses online

We have a virtual try-on feature that allows you to easily try on any pair of glasses with your camera.

How to order blue light glasses

First, find the pair that suits your face, budget and taste. Then click on „Add to basket“ and complete the order as you would for any other product in our shop. That's it! Your order will be delivered in just a few days.