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How to clean glasses and sunglasses

how to clean glasses and sunglasses

Your glasses have seen it all. Dust, dirt, oil, grease and beyond. We know that a small smudge on your specs can have a big impact on your vision. While there’s no foolproof way to rid yourself of the grime for good, we have a few expert tricks to keep your glasses clean and your vision clear.   

It’s important to remember that regular and proper care of your glasses and sunglasses not only helps you see better, it can also extend the lifespan of your frames and lenses. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to clean your glasses to see how it’s done. 

The best way to clean your glasses 

  1.  Wash your hands! It’s important to use soap and water to get rid of any natural oils or dirt particles on your hands that can smudge or scratch your lenses. This also ensures bacteria or viruses aren’t transferred from your hands to your glasses (and face!) in the cleaning process. 

  2. Carefully remove dust and dirt. Make sure to hold your glasses or sunglasses by the temples while cleaning. Larger particles like sand or dirt can get pushed between the lens and frame and be more difficult to remove. Flush out the larger pieces with water before continuing on. A soft-bristle toothbrush can also be used between the frames and hinges. 

  3. Wash with soap and water. Run the tap and rinse your glasses with lukewarm water. Only use gentle liquid soaps or sprays specifically designed for cleaning glasses - avoid soaps with moisturisers or lotions as they can attract more pesky grease. 

  4. Dry and try! Carefully dry your lenses and frames with a clean microfibre cloth or another cloth specifically intended for glasses. Never use rough or dirty fabric as this could scratch the surface of the lenses. Once they’re dry, try them on and see how they look! Remember: shirts, trousers, paper towels and toilet roll are not suitable cleaning accessories as they can scratch your lenses.

How to clean your glasses lenses

Cleaning your lenses is a delicate process. Whilst it's obvious that large pieces of dirt can scratch the lens coatings, smaller particles like dust can do just as much damage. Rinsing with water is the best way to get rid of these troublesome bits and pieces. Under running water, gently rub the soapy lenses between your fingers to remove oils and gunk. Rinse and dry thoroughly to prevent streaky lenses.

How to clean your glasses frames

While you may focus on cleaning your lenses, don't forget the frames! If your glasses have a plastic frame, you can clean them with standard dish soap and water. It’s important to clean the nose pads and along the rims - dirt and deposits love to hide in these easy-to-miss crevices. 

Most frequently asked questions 

The best glasses cleaner is often the most basic.  Avoid these common mistakes to ensure your glasses stay like-new for longer and avoid damage.     

Can you use alcohol wipes to clean your glasses?

The answer: no! While it might seem like a quick fix, alcohol or aggressive cleaners containing acetone, methanol, ammonia or other solvents can damage the frames and delicate lens coatings. 

What glasses cleaning cloth should I use?

The best glasses cleaning cloth is a clean microfibre cloth. It can be used to remove unwanted residue and other particles in a flash. Microfibre cloths are the best thing to dry glasses with after washing. 

How to clean your glasses without spray

Maybe you've run out of glasses spray or have just run out of the house without it. Not to worry - gentle soap and water can help you get those specks off your specs. Note: use water if you don't have spray! Without moisture, a microfibre cloth may redistribute grease over your lenses. Resist the urge to use saliva as it won’t clean your glasses and could make them dirtier. 

How often should you clean your glasses?

Clean your glasses as needed. Sweat, fingerprints, tears, makeup residue and other debris can build up quickly. Properly cleaning your glasses will help you see better and preserve your trusty spectacles.  

Should you clean your glasses case?  

Using a glasses case or pouch is the best way to keep your glasses and sunglasses clean and damage-free. Always place glasses with the lenses facing up in their case and make sure there is no dirt inside. Be careful never to place the lenses on a hard surface as this can lead to scratches. 


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