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Ever Clean 225 ml with case

Solutions for contact lenses by Avizor - Other solutions

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Details of Ever Clean 225 ml with case

A cleaning, disinfecting peroxide solution suitable for hard and soft contact lenses including silicone-hydrogel ones. Ever Clean uses two-layer tablets. The white outer layer immediately begins cleaning and removes protein from the surface of lens. The inner green one disinfects and deactivates the hydrogen peroxide. The entire process takes two hours and there’s no need to mechanically clean lenses. Ever Clean is particularly suitable for very sensitive eyes and demanding conditions (dust, smoke-filled room, etc.).
The solution comes with a special barrel case and 30 cleaning tablets.

Non-neutralised solution must not come into contact with the eye!

Product Details

Total volume:  225 ml
Travel:  No
Case volume:  10 ml
Peroxide:  Yes
Cases in a package:  1
For soft lenses:  Yes
For hard lenses:  Yes
Multi-purpose:  No
Weight: 332 g
Manufacturer: Avizor
Category: Solutions
Preservatives: No

Customer Questions (2x)

Comments about Ever Clean 225 ml with case Add a question

  • Nicole
    a year ago

    Which side of the contact lens case is the right side and which is the left?

    • Petru Culin
      a year ago

      Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for this question. The barrel case does not have a special side for each eye. Whichever you will decide that it is the right one, then that one it will be. Happy to remain at your service.

  • Martin Hill
    a year ago

    My optician says I should use Bausch & Lomb daily cleaner every two days in addition to daily use of Avizor ever clean. Avizor claims no other cleaner is necessary. Who's right, and why?

    • Petru Culin
      a year ago

      Dear Martin,

      Thank you for this question. Usually you do not need to use both. However, I am sure that your optician had a very good reason for this recommendation. I would suggest to follow his or her advice. They are the ones who actually know your eyes and would give you the best answer as to why you must do that. It is possible that your lenses accumulate high amounts of proteins and lipids due to your working conditions or the physiology of your eyes. I will be happy to remain at your service with more details about the products.


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