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Annual or monthly lenses? Choose the best for you

At some point, anyone who wears contact lenses has had to choose between all different types of contact lenses available on the market, whether by manufacturer or brand, by materials used or recommended wearing time. So which is better: should you choose annual or monthly contact lenses, and do annual contact lenses get good reviews?

In this new Lentiamo post, we're going to explain in detail the benefits of both annual and monthly lenses so you can decide which is the most convenient for you based on the criteria. Read on and find out if annual or monthly contact lenses are more useful to you!

Discovering and choosing between annual or monthly lenses

As the name suggests, monthly contact lenses have an estimated and recommended time of use of around 30 days. This means that you'll need to properly take care of them during this period so they don't deteriorate or get damaged by possible contact with external agents.

The main difference between monthly and annual lenses is that annual lenses can be used for up to 365 days. Of course, taking proper care of annual lenses requires commitment to good care and hygiene practices for a longer period of time. Consider what might work best for your needs.   

Always have contact lens solution and contact lens cases on hand for storage when you remove your contacts. This ensures they will stay safe out of your eyes. 

Contact lens and contact lens case

Advantages of monthly lenses

  • They allow you to save money compared to the cost of daily contact lenses (taking the cost of the liquid and the case into consideration as well)!
  • You'll be able to order lenses that will last for a long time, and you won't have to be on the lookout for contact lenses often.
  • Many eye care specialists recommend these contact lenses to their patients, and expert endorsement is a great thing to have.

Annual contact lenses: opinions and advantages

  • When choosing between annual or monthly contact lenses, those who are looking for greater strength and durability should choose the longer-lasting annual lenses because of their properties and the materials they're made from.
  • They're more rigid and are designed for high oxygen permeability, which is absolutely necessary to keep eyes in their best condition and prevent irritation or drying out.
  • They're usually recommended by experts for people with high dioptre values.

Buy monthly contact lenses - do it comfortably with Lentiamo

Have you already made a decision between annual or monthly lenses? As you have seen, both are highly recommended, so your choice will be quite successful in either case.

Make your purchase from the comfort of your home with Lentiamo, the leading online optician on the market. We offer more affordable prices than those you'll find at standard opticians, all offered based on the highest quality standards. Because when it comes to taking care of your visual health, there are no extra risks worth taking.

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