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Halloween Contact Lenses Dos and Don'ts

Having the best Halloween contacts lenses to match your costume is not the difficult part. Staying safe with the correct contact lenses that are approved for this use and won't land you in your local hospital, is. Because it's better to be safe than sorry, here are some tips to stay safe this Halloween.

Contact lens don'ts

When wearing contact lenses, there are a few rules you have to strictly follow. These are:

  • Do not share your lenses with your friends, family — with no one. Experts say that by sharing your contacts you increase the chances of spreading eye disease and increases the risk of corneal ulcers. Also, just like toothbrush and underwear, contact lenses are personal items.
  • Do not overuse your contacts. Your optician or doctor will educate your on proper wearing time. If in doubt, follow the manufacturers instructions.
  • Do not drive with Halloween contacts. Crazy contacts that cover your pupil, cause vision impairment, so it's not advisable to drive while wearing them.
  • Do not sleep while wearing them. When you do, lenses can get misaligned, cause irritation, and worse, permanent eye damage.
  • Don’t “top off” solution. Use only fresh contact lens disinfecting solution in your case—never mix fresh solution with old or used solution. 1
  • Do not let hair spray or any cosmetics come in contact with your lenses.

Remember: If you forget and sleep with your contacts , consult an eye doctor and get your eyes treated as soon as possible.

You might be think: “Wow, that’s too many” don'ts and precautions. And you are right. But it’s better to take some precautions rather than ending up ruining your Halloween party and even worst, as mentioned above.

Now that we are done with the don'ts, here is the fun part. Let’s look at what we can actually do with contacts.

Contact Lenses Do's

  • Choose amazing motifs of coloured lenses with or without prescription.
  • Make a great impression and wear an amazing costume. Here are some costume and makeup inspirations to help you.
  • Remember the importance of blinking. Regular and complete blinking will help you to keep the lens moist and clean. 2
  • Always put in before applying any make-up & take out before removing any make-up.
  • Remove immediately if your eyes get irritated, you have any discomfort or pain.

    Enjoy Halloween, stay safe, have fun and share some moments with us. For each you photo that you share, you get rewarded!

1 — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2 — University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

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