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Your presents are in a metaphorical basket


Exciting times. May Day is just around the corner. On the first of the month, to be precise. Which means summer is here, and so is a three-day weekend. But May Day has some lovely lesser-known traditions that we like the sound of too. Did you know, in The Olden Days (yes, that is a real thing) people used to hang baskets filled with treats on their neighbour’s door?

It’s such a beautiful tradition, we thought we’d take part. So we’ve got three gifts for you to choose from. Imagine these brilliant products in a basket on your door, choose the one you want, and place an order.

Zero-Seven Refreshing solution 80ml. Multi-purpose, and brilliantly moisturising. Worth £4.99
ReNu MultiPlus drops 8ml. Lubricating, rewetting and really ruddy useful. Worth £4.99
Lens travel case (small). Everything you need to wear lenses, in one neat case. Worth £2.59

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Woman Solution Eye drops Case

This offer is valid until 28th April, and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers. And as always, we’re only able to offer one gift per customer.

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