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Xiloial mono 20 × 0.5 ml

We do not sell this product anymore.

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Xiloial mono 20 x 0.5 ml reviews: 60 %based on 4 reviews

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Details of Xiloial mono 20 x 0.5 ml

Xiloial mono 20 × 0.5 ml is a moisturizing and lubricating ophthalmic solution containing protective and stabilizing substances: sodium hyaluronate, which acts as a lubricant to protect the mucosa, and TSP which has a protective and balancing role. Sodium hyaluronate is a substance used for mucomimetic solutions with excellent lubricating properties. TSP is a natural substance extracted from the seeds of tamarind (Tamarindus Indica). It helps to protect the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva. TSP forms a protective surface that supports the restoration of normal physiological balance of the tear and ocular surfaces. Xiloial mono ophthalmic solution is used to protect the eyes and provides rapid and prolonged relief from the lacrimal disorders of the ocular surface due to, for example, eye surgeries, catarrh, conjunctivitis, use of contact lenses, exposure to the computer and wind. After applying it, please wait for around 10 – 15 minutes before administering any other ophthalmic drug. The product does not contain preservatives. The package contains 20 resealable vi­als.

Product Details

For use with lenses:  No
Package:  Vials
Volume:  10 ml
Weight: 75 g
Manufacturer: Farmigea SpA
Category: Eye Drops
Preservatives: No

Customer Questions (5x)

Comments about Xiloial mono 20 × 0.5 ml Add a question

  • Mina
    a month ago

    Please i want xiloial mono

    • Jessica James
      a month ago

      Hi Mina, Like it says above, we are not selling this product anymore. I am very sorry. Jessie

  • Saeddawwod
    3 months ago

    الآثار الجانبية والتحذيرات

  • Saeddawwod
    3 months ago

    الآثار الجانبية لهذا الدواء والتحذيرات

  • Grisha
    6 months ago

    Hi,please can u help me?explain me please how to use it?

  • Diana Sliusar
    a year ago

    Hello, Is that possible to use that company's products if you are the contact lenses user?

    • Christian Garsdal
      a year ago


      Thank you for your comment. You can use the drops even though you're a contact lens user yes. I would suggest using the drops without your lenses in and waiting 10–15 minutes before putting your lenses in, this should help relieve irritated eyes.

      Sincerely, Lentiamo customer service


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