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We have improved our bonus programme

If you are using are bonus system, you probably know that so far, we have been rewarding you for placing regular orders, signing up for our newsletter or recommending our e-shop to friends. We are about to add one more option – you will get 50 points if you share our products on social media.

Take any product from our e-shop. Whether it’s sunglasses or colored or standard contact lenses – that’s up to you. Take a picture. Share the chosen picture on your Facebook or Instagram, using @lentiamo and #lentiamo. Once you tag us, let us know. Now all you need to do is wait until we credit you the 50 points – do you know what you’re going to exchange them for?

P. S. You can never get enough bonus points, right? We agree. Check out some other ways of how to get as many points as possible.


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