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Free until 29 January! Will you choose top solution, maxi eye drops or a keyring?

Dear Lentiamers,

Solution, eye drops and a keyring with token – which free gift will you add to your shopping? 

Introducing the gifts for your shopping
  • Max OptiFresh Bioplus 60 ml with case – Practical mini pack for travel, sport or work. Also suitable for coloured lenses.
  • Max OptiFresh 30 ml (eye drops) – the biggest eye drops pack on the market. Perfect moisturising drops for any situation. At work, at home or during sport activities.
  • Keyring with token – helper from the “two in one” category. The token in a contact lens design works with all types of shopping trolleys.
Add the chosen gift to your shopping basket

The offer ends on 29 January and we have one gift per customer: even if more orders are made, we will only add the solution, eye drops or keyring to your first purchase.


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