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Say stop to irritated eyes for free!


Do you run, cycle, lift weights, clean the house, work in the garden, sweep up dust? Then you know how often tiny stuff can get into your eyes and feel as big as a house. Lid Wipes can rescue your eyes from irritation. Systane Lid Wipes are your first aid kit for irritated eyes. These moisturising wet wipes fit in your handbag or pocket so they're ready when you need them.

Lid Wipes are brand new, and we're offering our lovely customers the first chance to try them. We'll send you a free package if you order with us any time before the end of Sunday 10th May.

So why should you try Lid Wipes? Because they are:
  • Hypoallergenic – Lid Wipes don't irritate the delicate skin of your face, or burn your eyes.
  • Practical – Lid Wipes fix smudged makeup, speed up makeup removal on the go, and rescue you from that speck of dust stuck under your eyelid.
  • Hygienic – each wipe is individually wrapped, so it stays sterile until you need it.
  • Perfect for sport – Lid Wipes quickly soothe eyes irritated by sweat or beach-volleyball sand.

And don't think Lid Wipes are just for women. Guys get dust, smog, and sweat in their eyes, too, and need them just as much.

And how do you get them?

Click on the banner below to add them to the basket and complete your order

Please note this offer is valid until Sunday 10th May 2015, and can’t be used in conjunction with other offers. And as always, we’re only able to offer one gift per customer.

Happy shopping!

Your Lentiamo

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