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Refresh 15 ml

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based on 14 reviews

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Refresh 15 ml reviews:
93 % based on 14 reviews

Fantastic quick service, easy website, delivery ahead of predicted time.
My husband uses this when needed while wearing his contact lenses.
Not able to source this item locally anymore so great to be able to get it on line. My husband uses it and does not like changing products when he finds one that suits him.
Excellent service
Eye drops used in conjunction with contact lens wearing. Refresh is far better than any of the alternatives.
Cannot purchase this product locally so pleased to find a good supplier. My husband uses it and likes it.
Product itself and service were excellent, it is just the packaging that maybe needs attention
My husband has used the product for many years but we had difficulty recently obtaining it as our local opticians are no longer stocking it. Hence I looked on the Internet and found your website.
Excpet all on the product in written in Greek
I have dry eyes and this product seems to work very well
I wish there was a leaflet in English...
Does what its supposed to do...Nice..
Excellent quality product.

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Details of Refresh 15 ml

Refresh eye drops, also known as ‘artificial tears’ can be applied directly to the eye while wearing contact lenses. Highly popular, they help tolerance of lenses and also alleviate symptoms caused by external influences such as dust and pollen.

This is a medical device. Read instructions before use.

Product Details

Expiration: At least 8 months
Period after opening:  60 days
Volume:  15 ml
For use with lenses:  Yes
Weight: 29 g
Category:Eye Drops
Preservatives:Purite TM

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Comments about Refresh 15 ml Add a question

  • John

    Could you please confirm if Refresh 15ml is preservative free?

    • Gergana-Ekaterina

      Dear John,

      Thank you for your comment.

      This product is NOT preservative free.
      It contains Purite TM.

      Kind Regards.

  • Kj

    Can these be used with all contact lenses or just a certain type? I use Acuevue Moist dailies as was told to not put anything in with them

    • Martina

      Hello K.J., Yes, the eye drops can be used with all kinds of contact lenses.
      I am not sure why you were told that, or who told you that? But it should be ok
      to use eye drops with Acvue Moist Dailies lenses. If you want to be sure, we
      recommend that you consult with your eye specialist. Regards, Martina Lentiamo
      Customer Care.

  • Leigh T.

    How does this product differ from Optive

    • Petru


      Refresh is a medicine and is used for caases of dry eyes, when there is no
      tear production. Optive is a device and it helps with eye lubrication. The link
      below will state the ingredients too. http://www.allergan.co.uk/…EyeCare.aspx Please note that there is also the phone number of the producer, whom you can
      ask more specific information (option 3 – medical info).

      I hope my reply helped.


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