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Christmas comes early in our e-shop. We already have gifts for you

Who cares if there’s more than a month left till Christmas? We already have gifts for you in November. If you buy any pack of bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses for over £20 by 25 November, we will add the Options Multi 100 ml solution as a free gift.

What makes Options Multi 100 ml special?

New, versatile, popular – it won’t meet the same fate as gifts that end up on the top of the shelf in your wardrobe or at the bottom of your chest of drawers. 93 % of our customers recommend this solution.
It cleans contact lenses in 4 hours – as you write in your reviews, it can do it even faster, but 4 hours is the minimum recommended time.

I want Options Multi 100 ml for free >>

Important: The offer ends on 25 November and you can get the free Options Multi 100 ml solution if you order bi-weekly or monthly lenses for over £20 and by clicking the “I want Options Multi 100 ml for free” button or banner. The offer cannot be combined with any other special offer or sale.


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