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Free for you: Small and practical gifts to pick until November 18th


These gifts, which are free with your order until 18th November, all have one thing in common – no matter where you are, they‘ll fit in one of your pockets! A shirt pocket, a small purse or even the glove compartment in your car – they will be at hand whenever you need them.

Which one will you choose?
  • Max OptiFresh 60 ml – lens solution in a travel package that may come in handy at any time. So why not have one at home too?
  • Systane Wipes – they remove makeup, dust, even sweat after exercising. Get the wipes that clean quickly.
  • Tweezers – you need to apply or remove lenses really quickly but you can’t wash your hands before? With these tweezers, you no longer need to worry.

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Woman Solution Eye drops Case

This offer runs until November 18th and as usual – one customer = one gift. Even if you order several times, the solution, wipes or tweezers will be added only to your first order. You can only take advantage of one offer or discount at a time.

Happy shopping!

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  • Maria G.

    Max OptiFresh 60 ml


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