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Newly on offer: Sunglasses by Polaroid

Dear Lentiamers,

75 years of developing polarizing lenses, 7 layers for sharp vision and 100 % protection from UV radiation. These are the three reasons that make sunglasses by Polaroid one of the most popular among users. They also get along well with lenses – and that's why you can now find them in our e-shop. 

Sunglasses by Polaroid – I would like to see the offer

Why sunglasses by Polaroid?
  • They are perfect for everyday wear as well as driving – wet roads, sun going down, glare from the sun. They provide protection from shiny surfaces and ensure sharper vision.
  • Fashionable, flattering, trendy – an elegant accessory for women, a stylish piece for men. Sunglasses by Polaroid go hand in hand with the latest fashion and never get out of style.
  • Quality and functionality – they are light, scratch- and shatter-resistant with frames made form durable plastic. They will even cope with more demanding sport activities.


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