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Optive 10 ml

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Optive 10 ml reviews: 91 %based on 29 reviews

I have terrible dry eyes and Optive is the best product I have found for managing them.
I put one drop in each eye every morning this stops tears all day weeping from them. Other products do not work as well as this one. Cost fair. Delivery quick and easy. I have dry eye syndrome and this works perfectly.
I would recommend this product and prescribed from specialist optician for dry eyes several years ago.
the product is very good.
The main product I use to manage my chronically watering, dry eyes.
As recommended by my eye consultant. easy to use, give instant, lasting relief,
I have terribly dry eyes and Optive is the only thing I have found that is any good in ameliorating the extreme discomfort they cause.
Ideal for any eye lubrication.
I have used these eye drops for hayfever for the last three years. Wouldn't use anything else.
use product as and when required
Product is good, the same you can find in any pharmacy but a lower price.nLeaflet should be printed in English.
I use all the time and it really help to clean my clean
Recomended by optician, still evaluating efficacy.
Since using Optive I no longer use eye drops to whiten or brighten my 'tired eyes' as they are lubricated and healthy. Has made a significant difference. I would recommend it to those who feel the need to use eye drops to hide the symptoms of irritated eyes as Optive eliminates tiredness and redness by lubricating the eyes - making them feel and look healthy because they are!
Day and night before and after I put on and off my contact lenses.nAnd before slp.nDry eyes condition in the morning straight after waking up are much improved.
Used once a day if needed. Would recommend the product to anyone with a dry eye condition.
good product
Good product.
I always use these drops and easy and convenient way to order this product.
I have dry eyes and use the drops twice daily…they were recommended by my consultant eye surgeon. Lentiamo provide them quickly at about 60% of net cost compared to UK price.nThey are a great product…….I really do know if I don't use them for any reason!
Wetting drops used daily, provide comfort and extend lens wear.
Good product, good service
It's good stuff, but it doesn't offer a cure.
Does what it says
I use these as general wetting and comfort drops every day while wearing gas permeable lenses, as I need to wear them for extended periods
good for dry eyes
Good service

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Details of Optive 10 ml

New, unique eye drops that promote eye comfort and contribute to long-term lubrication. CMC artificial tears and glycerin moisturize the tear film and create a protective shield on the surface of the eye.

Optive eye drops relieve the feeling of dryness, irritation and eye fatigue. They are suitable for all types of contact lenses.

Product Details

For use with lenses:  Yes
Volume:  10 ml
Weight: 41 g
Manufacturer: Allergan
Category: Eye Drops
Preservatives: Purite TM

Customer Questions (7x)

Comments about Optive 10 ml Add a question

  • Colin White
    5 months ago

    how often each day should I use optive drops

    • Jessica James
      5 months ago

      Hi Colin, You can use these as often as you need. They act like artificial tears. If your eyes are feeling dry or irritated you can go ahead and put some in! Cheers

  • Narinder
    8 months ago

    Plz let me know the ingredients

    • Jessica James
      8 months ago

      Hello Narinder,

      Optive eye drops contain the two active ingredients – carmellose sodium, which is a type of medicine known as an eye lubricant, and glycerol, which acts as a moisturiser.


  • Henrique Carlo Farina
    a year ago

    How can I see the products composition before buying?

    • Petru Culin
      a year ago

      Hi Henrique,

      Thank you for your comment. Below you can find what every ml contains:

      carboxymethyl­cellulose sodium 0.5% and glycerin 0.9% with: boric acid, calcium chloride dihydrate, erythritol, levocarnitine, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, potassium chloride, purified water, PURITE® (stabilized oxychloro complex), sodium borate decahydrate, and sodium citrate dihydrate.

      I hope my reply helped.


  • L shephard
    a year ago

    What is the shelf life of optive after opening

    • Petru Culin
      a year ago

      It is 6 months after opening.

  • John Fitzhugh
    2 years ago

    how do I get instructions in English ?

    • Petru Culin
      2 years ago

      The instructions of use are in the client section. If you press on the Leaflets link, you should be able to download the English instructions for the products you purchased. I have just attached it to my email reply to you. I hope my reply helped.

  • PC
    2 years ago

    why does it cost so much to send a small bottle through royal mail?

    • Klaudio Fejzaj
      2 years ago

      The standard delivery fee for sending just a small product like this one or a normal parcel is £1.99 with 2nd class Royal Mail.
      The order is not measured by weight but as I said by a standard fee.

  • Rebecca
    2 years ago

    Wish instructions and labelling were in English!

    • Klaudio Fejzaj
      2 years ago

      Hi Rebecca,

      You can always find and download the leaflet with the instructions in English in the Client Section of your account. I have already sent you the leaflet but if you need further assistance, just send us an e-mail or give us call us.

      Regards, Klaudio.


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