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OFFER: Solunate 400 ml with 25% discount! Limited offer!

Dear Lentiamers,

For the first time ever, we are introducing the Solunate 400 ml solution. Bigger than other solution packages, it provides great comfort for the eyes and you can buy it exclusively in our e-shop. Try it “with your own lenses” with a 25% discount! The offer is valid until 28.02.2019.

Three main advantages of Solunate 400 ml?
  • Great hydration qualities – the hyaluronic acid guarantees comfort for your eyes that lasts all day long.
  • It lasts longer – volume that is bigger by 40 ml compared to other solutions of the same category. Get more for a similar price.
  • Special gadget with the bottle – a practical contact lens case holder.

I want Solunate 400 ml with a 25 % discount

The special offer ends on 28.02.2019. The discount will be applied automatically by clicking the banner.


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