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New in stock: Pop Case Blue. Introducing the revolutionary contact lens case!

Two small cups/holders with a lid. At first glance, it might seem like a contact lens case is something that can’t be improved much. Guess again! This new product will prove otherwise. Pop Case Blue cases that will show you that a good idea will always find its way to the light.

What makes the Pop Case Blue cases so original?
Their simple mechanism minimizes the contact of hands with the solution in the case. Which lowers the risk of contamination basically to zero. A small trick that can do big things.
Pop case

How does it work?
  • Each cup contains a small spring. When you unscrew the lid, a small grid will rise above the solution surface. Done? Now put the lens on the grid.
  • Put the lid back and tighten it. The grid with the lens will automatically dip in the solution.

Would you like to see the new case with your “own lenses”? Here it is.


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