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Medium sized solution for free? It’s only a few clicks away! Until 8 November!

Dear Lentiamers,

Buy any biweekly or monthly contact lenses by 8 November and try the Horien Ultra Comfort 120 ml versatile solution for free. It’s only a few clicks away.

Why try horien Ultra Comfort 120 ml for free?
  • The POLOXAMER technology guarantees removal of all protein deposits which then reduces risks of infections to minimum.
  • It’s pH level is similar to real tears. This makes it suitable for sensitive eyes that usually have problems with regular solutions.

Buy monthly – Buy biweekly lenses and get a free solution

The special offer is valid until 8 November. The Horien 120 ml solution that will be added to your shopping for free doesn’t include a case and it expires in September 2019.


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