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Ekomi 4.8/5.0

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Special offer on Lenjoy contacts. 15% off until 5 November!

Why should you try Lenjoy 1 Day Comfort dailies right now? If you order two packs (30 lenses), we will add a 15 % discount!

What makes Lenjoy contacts special?

  • 100% comfort for 16 hours a day – unique hydrating technology and a special non-slip surface minimize the risk of irritation.
  • Vision acuity even under more demanding conditions. Driving at dusk, doing sports, working at a computer- thanks to the aspheric design, your vision will remain sharp.
  • An alternative to seven other daily lenses brands No need for a new prescription. 

Important: the special offer ends on 5 November. If you click the “I want Lenjoy 1 Day Comfort with a 15 % discount” link in this email and order two packs of Lenjoy 1 Day Comfort (30 lenses), you will get a 15 % discount.


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