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Eye drops.
Hylo tears are for sufferers of dry eye syndrome and provide relief from symptoms. They are preservative free eye drops in a specially designed bottle for ease of use and can be used for 6 months. Opthalmologist recommended.
Excellent eye drops, they are by far the best ones for dry eyes and come in a bottle which is easy to use and accurately dispenses a single eye drop at a time. Would recommend.
Very good product sooths my dry eyes.
I use Hylo tear 3 times a day, on the advice of my optician. I was getting red eye fairly frequently. It was caused, not by an infection, but due to dry eye, age related. I have not had any recurrent symptoms since I started using this product, which is preservative free.
The product is half the price on this web site than I paid originally at the local chemist.
Hy-lo drops for dry eyes. More than satisfied with this product. Can be used with my RGP lenses and are preservative free. Exactly what I needed.
I use the product for dry eyes and it is the only product that works. All other medications have been useless. I would recommend this product
Suffer from Dry Eyes at night. Drops help to stop eyes feeling like having sand in them! Only drawback is that eyes are slightly glued together but are easy to prise open.
Excellent. Would recommend the particular item I order as much chaper than in High Street chemists.
I bought the Hylo drops for "dry eye". This is the second time I have used this website and the service is great, delivery is fast and I would definitely recommend.
Super product
Daily use in morning
High quality eye drops that you can use even with your contact lenses in. Recommended
Usually pay quite a bit more for the same product with English labelling!!
I suffer from dry eyes. Halo-tear helps to keep my eyes comfortable. Other products with a preservative in caused irritation. The dispenser allows me to use up all of the product before going out of date.
The quality of the product I already knew as had been provided with it from a medical source but at a cost. You provided the same product but much cheaper and the delivery was very quick. I shall use you again when time comes to stock up again.
Suffer from dry eyes particularly after surgery some years ago. Great to use on long haul flights when eyes can become very dry.
Easy to use and benefit that there is not the normal time limit as on some eye drops
I use HYlo tears for dry eyes, but the effect soon wears off. If you could suggest anything that would be longer lasting, I would be very grateful
Product itself is excellent and very pleased with it
Recommended by a hospital ophthalmologist to treat "dry eye." It works well and the dispenser is convenient and easy to use.
Bought to treat dry eyes. This product does not entirely solve my problem, which is severe. This is no reflection on Lentiamo however, or necessarily on product.
I am using the product for dry eyes and so far it seems to be working well. However I have only just started using it so what the long term effect will be I cannot comment on yet
Use when needed for dry and tired eyes especially with computer work.
Name gives a hint, drip that stuff in the eyes.nQuality good and has competitive price range.nPackaging creates annoyance and helps to dose, in the same time.nNo preservetives.
I need nightly lubricating drops and these are surgeon recommended.
I use Hylo-tear for dry eyes,, it is usually effective and brings relief.
Post surgery for healing of eye surface
great service
i would recommend Hylo-tear for anyone who wears contact lenses or for those who suffer from dry eyes.
Hylo Tears - indispensable if you have dry eyes - and I do!
Excellent stuff if you have dry eyes as I do - neat dispenser too and lasts six months so good value for regular tear drop users.
I suffer from Sjorgens Syndrome - dry eyes and the product is great.
The unit was used as per the instructions,a drop in each eye.
Great for anyone with contacts and dry eyes.
convenient and long-lasting preservative-free eye drops, as recommended to me by a specialist at Moorfields eye hospital!
Dry eyes
Used for my eyes and it has helped them a great deal
Use it daily when doing computer work. Relieves dry eyes.
Product has previously been issued by hospital. Only problem I had with product is that instructions not translated into English. Not a problem for me but could be confusing for new user. Its a very good product though which has helped with my eye condition.
Single drop dispenser makes these drops easier to use and more convenient than other similar products.
Quality of the product is excellent. I use this product everyday. I would recommend this product to everyone having dry eye symptoms.
cheap price.
Suffer with dry eye after laser eye surgerynHad a problem with an abrasion on eye surface and was given product bynMoorfieldsnLiked the dispenser and the fact you could keep for 6 months after using and worked well
Very satisfied with the produt
I use it everyday. I would recommend to anyone suffering from dry eyes condition. I am very happy with this product quality.
Contact lens wearers, MGD sufferers, this is fir you

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Product Description

Hylo-Tear (also known as HYLO-COMOD) are protective eye drops that help with a long-term eye strain such as computer work, eye surgery or wearing contact lenses. They are ideal for contact lens wearers. They provide a rapid and prolonged relief for patients with tear ocular surface disorders. Hylo-Tear contains 0.1% Hyaluronic Acid. Suitable for use with all types of contact lenses.

Product details

Weight: 61 g
For use with lenses:  Yes
Package:  vial
Volume:  10 ml
Manufacturer: Ursapharm
Category: Eye Drops
Preservatives: No

Customer Questions (5x)

Comments about HYLO-TEAR 10 ml Add a question

  • Suzie Zgiacich
    3 days ago

    I have been perscibed Hylo Forte, for dry eyes which have caused abraisons to my cornea, I have been told to use the drops every hour, is this normal?

    • Jessica James
      2 days ago

      Hi Suzie, Yes, this is normal. You are not the first client to give us this feedback. As we cannot really advise because we are not optomitrists, I would suggest checking with your doctor to make sure it is the best product for you.

  • Elaine
    a year ago

    Hi I bought Hylo Comod from you recently and have been using it for about a week - betw 2-5 times a day. Today I had to try several times with the pump action hefore it loaded. How many doses shd I get out of this ? And do you have any tips to keep it flowing? I don't find the operation of it difficult. Looking forward to your thoughts thanks Elaine.

    • Christian Garsdal
      a year ago

      Hello Elaine,

      Thank you for your comment. This product can be used for up to 6 months upon opening. In general, drop one drop into each eye 3× daily, it is possible to use the drops more often if necessary. I don't have any tips to keep it flowing, sorry. If you have any more questions you can contact us at

      Sincerely, Christian Garsdal

    a year ago

    Hello, please can you tell why is the text not in English. I was recommended this by my surgeon but i am a bit worried that it is not the same product as HYLO TEAR

    • Christian Garsdal
      a year ago

      Dear Steve,

      Thank you for your comment. The product is the same product as HYLO TEAR. The only reason why the text in the image isn't English is because the HYLO TEAR in the picture is from the Czech Republic and so that's why it is in another language. I can assure you that this is the same product as HYLO TEAR and it will have the same effect. The English instructions of use will be available in on your account on our web page after ordering in case you need them. If you have any more questions you can contact us at

      Sincerely, Christian Garsdal

  • Ivana Sabatkova
    2 years ago

    Hello. This product is phosphate and preservative free. It contains 0.1% sodium hyaluronate, citrate buffer, sorbitol and water.

  • meatcutter
    2 years ago

    does this item contain phosfates.cabe used for belepharitisn it


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Excellent service and value.
First class service! Unbeatable prices, and lenses received very quickly. Couldn't have been easier to order and was kept well informed as to its progress. Very impressed and will definitely be using this wonderful company again. Very happy - many thanks!
Seemed very efficient ,good service , product as expected at good price

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