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We do not sell this product anymore.

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HYLO-CARE 10 ml reviews: 90 %based on 19 reviews

Effective product used all the time.
Excellent product for dry eyes

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Details of HYLO-CARE 10 ml

HYLO-CARE is a sterile solution for moistening the eye surface when exposed to dry environments such as air conditioning and wind or sun. The moisturising effect and stable tear film on the eye surface are supported by hyaluronic acid also known as hyaluronan and dexpanthenol. HYLO-CARE does not contain preservatives or phosphates. Compatible with all types of contact lenses.

Product Details

ExpirationAt least 10 months
Period after opening:  6 months
For use with lenses:  Yes
Volume:  10 ml
Weight: 61 g
Brand: Ursapharm
Category: Eye Drops
Preservatives: No

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Comments about HYLO-CARE 10 ml Add a question

  • Justina

    Can HYLO-CARE be used with both hard and soft contact lenses?

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello Justina,

      Apart from the fact that we don't sell this product anymore, I have found the answer to your question:


      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Imtiyaz S.

    hylo care can also be applied with or without contact lens???

    • Fabrizio Sgubbi Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello Imtiyaz,

      Yes, it can be used with the lenses in. However, we do not sell this product any longer. Please check other products https://www.lentiamo.co.uk/eye-drops.html as most of them can be used while wearing lenses.

      Best regards, Fabrizio

  • Fiona S.

    Hello. I saw an eye Doctor three weeks ago at my local hospital after being referred by my Doctor as I have suffered with itchy, gritty, sore eyes for the past seven years. I was diagnosed with blepharitis and prescribed Fucithalmic 1% w/w viscous eye drops and Hylo Tear. I have followed the advise given regarding how and when to use both items alongside a daily lid hygiene routine. I have now completed my treatment but my eyes are still feeling itchy, sore and gritty and I was wondering if maybe the HYLO-CARE eye drops would be more beneficial to my needs. I would greatly appreciate your advise. Kind regards Fiona S.

    • Jessica James Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hi, I will give you the best advise that I can! I think that HYLO-CARE would suit you a little more than the HYLO-TEAR as it has a higher percentage of Hyaluronic acid which mainly helps take away the dry/itchy eye feeling! I hope that this helps.

  • Victoria I.

    what is the difference between hylo care and hylo comod

    • Jessica James Lentiamo.co.uk

      Hello, These HYLO products are pretty similar. The HYLO-CARE eye drops contain more of the hyaluronic acid than the HYLO-TEAR. With the HYLO-CARE it is more for people with dry eyes and itchy eyes. The HYLO-TEAR is more for people who just need to moisturise their eyes, and are looking for a soothing feeling after applying the drops. If you have anymore questions, please let us know!


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