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Halloween: get the best crazy contact lenses with a discount! Until 31 October only!

Dear Lentiamers.

Zombie, devil with red eyes, a man with a spider look? You can be anyone you want this Halloween! Get the most popular crazy contacts with a 15% discount from us and be somebody else for a while.

What do the crazy contact lenses on offer have in common?
  • We have both prescription and non-prescription versions on offer. Which means you and your friends who don’t normally need lenses can wear the same face.
  • They have good covering qualities and look exactly like they do in the e-shop pictures. Just as good.
  • They can be used repeatedly. When are you going to use them again?

Click here for a 15 % discount

We have picked these types of contact lenses for the special offer:

This special offer is valid until 31 October. You will get the discount after clicking the “I want contact lenses” button in the banner. We have one 15 % discount for selected contact lenses per customer. The discount can’t be combined or added to another offer.


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