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Corneal foreign body

A corneal foreign body causes a non-infectious inflammation of the cornea. It could be contact lens deposits evaluated by the immune system as foreign; antigens cause non-infectious inflammatory…


The function of antibodies in the body is performed by glycoproteins known as immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins, as part of the immune system, can identify and neutralise foreign objects (bacteria…

Indication of inverted contact lens

An engraving (cut) in the contact lens determines if the lens is inside-out. The engraving can be in the form of numbers or letters. It makes handling of contact lenses easy and prevents…


In connection with contact lenses, infection relates to microorganisms which cause eye discomfort or damage the contact lenses. The infection enters via skin or mucous membranes. Originators are…

Inflammation of the eye

Inflammation may affect all the tissues of the eyeball The anterior segment of the eye consists of: conjunctiva, episclera, sclera, cornea and iris. It…

Intraocular fluid

Intraocular fluid is produced in outcrops of the ciliary body. It circulates in the anterior segment of the eye. It fills the anterior and posterior chamber of the eye and is drained into the…


It is the only visible part of the uveal tract, which is visible in front of the eye lens. Its location divides the space between the cornea and…

Irreversible changes in cornea and conjunctiva

The irreversible change of the cornea and conjunctiva might occur by insufficient removal of coarse residues (e.g. mortar, lime, etc.). In this case, it is the loss of transparency – affecting…

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