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Elastic modulus of contact lenses

Elastic modulus of contact lenses determines the flexibility of the material. In other words, it says how soft or elastic a lens is. The higher the modulus, the more resistant the lens is to…

Endothelial vesicles

Prolonged hypoxia and chronic corneal acidosis lead to differences in the size of the corneal endothelial cells. When the cause is removed…

Enzymatic cleaning

This treatment is used to remove contamination of organic origin and is of great importance for the maintenance of soft contact lenses, but is not intended for everyday use. The average frequency…


The episclera is the outermost layer of the sclera. It is composed of loose, fibrous, elastic tissue and attaches to Tenon's capsule. A vascular plexus is found between the conjunctiva…


Epithelium is a type of tissue that lines the cavities and surfaces of structures throughout the body.

Expiration of the contact lenses

Expiration date is the date indicated on the packaging contact lenses in which you can still open blister and wear contact lenses throughout the following…

Eye check for contact lenses

Before buying contact lenses you must undergo an eye check carried out by an eye specialist who will also teach you how to handle and take care of your lenses. The eye check…

Eye lens

The eye lens lies behind the iris and the vitreous and is cradled by the fibres of an attachment apparatus, which is…


The eyball is a slightly asymmetrical sphere whose sagittal diameter is about 24 – 25 mm. Its shape is maintained by rigid sclera with intraocular pressure of 2–3 mbar. With age, the…

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