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Free practical gifts to be used while away or at home. Valid only until March 1st!


Travelling? Working? Playing? Our February free gifts are useful wherever you are! We are offering three gifts for this month – A solution, Eye drops and for the first time, Earplugs. This offer is valid only until March 1st.

Which gift will you choose?
  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose solution (60 ml) – a handy-sized solution for your hand luggage or for your gym or pool locker. It is suitable for all types of lenses.
  • Max OptiFresh eye drops (30 ml) – replace your own tears. They are extremely gentle. Especially suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Earplugs (2 pieces) – Our great new gift! They reduce noise to 35 db and give you more peace and quiet either when working or sleeping!

Have you chosen yet? Click on your gift to add it to your basket

Choose a gift
Woman Solution Eye drops wipes

This offer ends on March 1st and, as always – one customer = one gift. Even if you order several times, the solution, eye drops or earplugs will be added only your first purchase. You must click on the banner on our newsletter page to see the free gift added to your basket. Our clients can only benefit from one offer / discount at a time.

Happy shopping!

Comments Add a question

  • Tim M.

    Max Optifresh eye drops please?

    • Christian Garsdal Lentiamo.co.uk

      Dear. Marsh,

      Thank you for your interest. If you would like the eye drops all you have to do when placing your order is click on the “choose now” and it will be added to your basket. If you have any other questions, feel free to write to us at info@lentiamo.co.uk

      Sincerely, Christian

  • Steve R.

    thank you

    • Petru Culin Lentiamo.co.uk

      We are happy you liked it. :)


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