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Gifts for the longest day and the brightest eyes.


It’s nearly the summer solstice, and with so many hours of daylight on the longest day of the year there’ll be lots to see and do.

As one of our faithful customers we’re giving you a choice of three great gifts, and they’ll all help keep you in a sunny celebratory mood. Our first offer is a stylish 3D Okase lens case, our second is a handy Options Multi lens solution travel bottle, and the third is some Eyeye pads with refreshing cucumber and mulberry root extract.

Which one will it be? No hurry – you’ve got until June 19th to decide.

Just add whichever gift you’d like to your basket, and place an order with us by that date.

Choose your gift
Woman Solution Eyeye Case

There’s no minimum spend, but we’re only able to offer one gift per customer.

Happy choosing, shopping, celebrating and lens wearing!

All the best,

Your Lentiamo


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