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Special gift: get a free solution, eye drops or case! Offer ends 18 April!

Dear Lentiamers.

A special pH-balancing solution, moisturising eyedrops to tackle discomfort and a case with distinct colours for left and right. Which one will you add to your shopping for free? The offer is valid until 18 April! 

Choose a gift with your shopping:
  • ReNu MultiPlus 60 ml – Mini solution with boric acid that goes the extra mile by balancing the pH of contact lenses.
  • Horien Aqua Comfort 15 ml – Moisturising eye drops for dusty or air-conditioned environments with a 93 % customer satisfaction rate.
  • Eyemed case – A versatile case with two contrasting colours. You will never get your left and right lenses mixed up again.
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Valid only for next 8 days

This special offer ends on 18 April and there is only one gift permitted per customer. If subsequent orders are made, a free gift will only be added to the first purchase.


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