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Focus DAILIES Progressives (30 lenses)

Daily contact lenses by Alcon - Dailies

We do not sell this product anymore.

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Focus DAILIES Progressives reviews: 86 %based on 28 reviews

Excellent product, excellent service will use seller again and recommend.
An excellent progressive lens Imhave been using for a number of years without any difficulty. Highly recommended.
Use lenses in both eyes and they are easy to put in and remove.
Don't wear them all the time. Only when out for a meal so that I can read the menu or when shopping. Great on holiday when browsing in the shops. Only need to take sun glasses out with me, not two pairs of glasses.
Use daily, good vision for a multifocal lens.n
Excellent quality
Use lenses as required. Would recommend to other contact lense wearers.
I use progressive Dailies and swear by them, no other suits me better.
Good qualityn
I have been using Focus Progressives for 15 years and would not want any other contact lens.
Hi there,nnI Accidently ordered the wrong Lens, there were 30 in a box, I opened 2 before I looked at the box, I then it was too late, so I asked if I could send back the 28, or 25, but they said as the box was open they had no use for them, but as they come in strips of 5, you could easily use each strip on 5 again and put in another box. As me and my Girlfriend uses these lens on a regular basics, and her daughter uses different ones as well, as you did not take the lens back, you have put me off using your services again. Would you please take the 25 back and refund these. Thank You, other than that you gave a great service.nn***
Very good product, easy to use.
Great item, Fantastic price and fast delivery! Thank you very much
I'm always telling people about these lenses. I call them 'the key to life!' Middle aged people start to need reading glasses, but have to keep lifting them up or taking them off, to see across the room. Then can't remember where they put them. These brilliant varifocal type lenses are the answer. I can read, drive, go for walks, watch TV etc.just with my lenses in. You need to go to an optician to check your eyes are suitable and find out what 'power' (strength) you need - it's not the same strength as glasses; then ideally, have a lens check every year or so. I've been using them for about 12 years.
Excellent lenses
Good qualityn
product is probably very good but failed to arrive on time.
this is the first time I have used progressive contact lenses and I am having trouble with the near sight, but it has only been a couple of days and I read that it can take a couple of weeks so maybe in a couple of weeks I could give them a better score
Good for occasional use. Very comfortable to wear, but easily fold up inside eyelid.
Same prescription as my other lenses but couldn't see a thing through these. Total waste of money
Only use them socially as they are not as efficient as my varifocal glasses for close work
All good
Very comfortable and easy to wearncontact lenses
Excellent productnWould recomend to any friends who use contactsnWould use the company againn
Occaisional use
Does not seem to be better than the Acuvue Oasys that I am currently using.

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Details of Focus DAILIES Progressives (30 lenses)

Presbyopia (the age-related loss of ability to focus up close) correcting Focus DAILIES Progressives enable clear sight over short and long distances, and are slightly tinted for easy handling.

The production of Focus DAILIES Progressives lenses has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Some powers may not be available to be ordered or to be sourced from our suppliers. Therefore, we recommend you to switch to the latest type of DAILIES lenses – DAILIES AquaComfort Plus Mulfitocal. When switching to other lenses a new prescription must be re-issued by your eye specialist.

Product Details

Bifocal No
Lenses in a box:  30
Inside-out indicator No
Material Nelfilcon A
Extended wear No
Water content 69 %
Oxygen transmissibility 26 Dk/t
Silicone Hydrogel No
Toric No
UV filter No
Easy handling tint Yes
Diameter 13.8
Power from -6.0 to +5.0
Base curve 8.6
Weight: 95 g
Category: Daily Contact Lenses
Multifocal Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses
Sport Contacts Lenses

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  • Tristan E.

    Great service, will continue to order from you.

  • Tristan E.

    Great service, will continue to order from you.

  • melvyn d.

    looking good


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Great quality, fast delivery as always

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