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Final FREE holiday gifts. Make yourself happy!


A truly universal solution, gentle drops without chemicals or a lens case, each of which is certain to make you happy. Our final holiday gifts are here, so take your pick!
  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose flight pack (2×60 ml) – is based on a naturally-found eye lubricant that matches the pH of tears, keeps certain tear proteins active, fights germs and cleans lenses.
  • Max OptiFresh (30 ml) – eye drops for sensitive eyes. No preservatives, no irritation.
  • Qcase lens holder – do you like fun? Reach for this funky aminal-design Qcase lens holder. It’ll keep you entertained!

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Woman Solution Eye drops Case

Please note: The offer is valid until September 2nd 2015. One customer = one gift. If you place several orders, the FREE solution will added only to your first order.

Happy shopping!

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  • Susana
    2 years ago

    Really good website


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