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Until midnight for free: Systane eye drops against dry eye syndrome


A really effective and comfortable way of dealing with the dry eye syndrome, which brings relief for your burning eyes. You get all of the above as a free gift with your order in the form of the our 3ml Systane eye drops.

Why should you try Systane eye drops?
  • A unique technology – after application they turn into a gel that keeps your eyes moist for longer than normal eye drops.
  • Long shelf life – they can be used for up to 3 months after opening.
  • Fast application – you can use them even with your contacts in.

Click here to add the 3ml Systane drops to your shopping basket.

Important: the offer is valid for one day only – the 26th of May 2016. You can only use a discount / offer for each order. Please click on the banner on our newsletter page to see the gift added free of charge to your order.

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    a year ago

    prompt delivery

  • Alan Nixon
    a year ago

    Always prompt delivery.


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