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Free gift for travelling...and more! Only until 16 April!

Dear Lentiamers,

April is here and as Spring begins to get into full swing, we enjoy our first walks out in the open air, soaking up the warm sun rays, trying to forget the cold Winter days. As you’re about to step out in the sunshine, don’t forget to pack one of our free gifts. They will be very useful on your day-trips. The offer ends on 16 April. 

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  • Biotrue Multi-Purpose 60 ml – versatile solution for everyday contact lens care. It will last 14 days and the expiry date is August 2019.
  • Max OptiFresh 10 ml – artificial tears for fast relief from burning and itching eyes. Suitable for people with allergies.
  • Travel set with motif – case, solution container, tweezers and mirror. Contact lens “all in one” set.
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The offer ends on 16 April and we have one gift per customer: even if more orders are made, the solution, eye drops or travel set will be added only to your first purchase.


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