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Elle6. New daily contact lenses in our e-shop are now 10 % cheaper. Until 3 November!

Dear Lentiamers,

Daily contact lenses with extra features: we are now introducing the Elle6 dailies. Try them until 3 November and save 10 %.

Elle6 contact lenses represent a new approach to the dry eye syndrome. A new approach that will provide relief for many contact lens wearers.

What do the Elle6 have that other lenses don’t?
  • E, B6 and B12 vitamins – which means vitamins that directly contribute towards the correct function of the eye and tear production.
  • Three strong humectants that guarantee sufficient moisture during the whole period of wear. Throughout the day.
  • They significantly decrease symptoms of the dry eye syndrome, no matter the cause – whether it’s environmental or biological.

I want to try Elle6, too – with a 10 % introductory discount until 3 November.

The 10 % discount on Elle6 contact lenses is only valid until 3 November. Discount applies only to those lenses. Discounts can not be combined.


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