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10 % discount on Elle6, lenses against dry eye syndrome

Try Elle6 daily contact lenses!

Why? Elle6 contain vitamins, they have a prolonged lubrication period and provide relief for dry eyes. Check our special offer now! – if you buy two packs (30 lenses each) by 12 October, you will get a 10 % discount.

What makes Elle6 so special?

  • We recommend them for reducing dry eye syndrome –they quickly help rebalancing the moisturing of the eye, no matter what the cause may be for the drynesss.
  • They contain vitamins E, B6 and B12 which contribute to correct eye functions and tear production.
  • They contain 3 powerful moisturing agents that guarantee 100 % lubrication all day long.

Elle6 lenses present a new approach to dealing with the dry eye syndrome. A new approach that provides relief for everyone.

Important: The 10 % discount is valid until 12 October if you buy two packs of Elle6 (30 lenses). Discount will apply automatically after clicking of the banner or link.


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