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Free until midnight: Effective drops against dry eyes!


Get rid of any issues such as burning or sore eyes and yet don‘t pay a single penny – get your free Renu MultiPlus 8 ml Drops, which work fast to relieve dry eyes. They will be added free to any purchase until midnight tonight, when you click on the banner.

Why have these drops, and why now?
  • They reliably solve the dry-eye syndrome – the symptoms of which get worse in autumn weather.
  • You will get a free pack that will last at least a month, even with daily use.
  • Save £4.99. That’s how much ReNu MultiPlus drops will cost after midnight tonight.

Buy now and get free ReNu MultiPlus eye drops

This offer lasts for one day only – until midnight, November 5th, 2015. As usual, one customer = one free gift. Even if you place multiple orders, the drops will be added to your first purchase only. You can take advantage of only one offer / discount at a time.

Happy shopping!


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