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Free for you: Drops, without which you’ll have only half a summer. Offer ends midnight!


Only until midnight tonight, we are giving away Renu MultiPlus (8 ml) eye drops worth £4.99 free.

Why should these be added to your medicine cabinet right now?
They return comfort to irritated eyes due to …
  • Temperatures above 30 degrees and extremely dry air.
  • Chlorinated water in swimming pools, cyanobacteria in natural pools.
  • Alternating air-conditioned and unconditioned spaces.
  • Living in an unusual climate on holiday.

In summer, they just always fit the bill.

Add this gift worth £4.99 free to my basket

The event is valid for one day ONLY – August 18th 2015. As always, one customer = one free gift. Even if you order several times, the free eye drops will be added to the first purchase only.

Happy shopping!

Comments Add a question

  • Saruul
    2 years ago

    Can I use this drop while I wearing contact lenses? Thank you

    • Klaudio Fejzaj
      2 years ago

      Hi Saruul,

      Sure, you can use the ReNu MultiPlus Drops with your contact lenses

  • Vivien REdmore
    2 years ago

    I've just reordered my contact lenses but I'm not sure if I'll receive the free gift on offer - please confirm/Thank you Vivien

    2 years ago

    Excellent offer

  • Michael Lovatt
    2 years ago

    Offer too complicated! Is it free or not? I have just placed an order (and paid for) with you which hasn't arrived. Please send the free gift with that. Thank you.

    • Petru Culin
      2 years ago

      Yes sir. It is free. :)


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