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Free until January 19th: Solution, Eye drops or Eye Pads. Feel free to choose!


To welcome your bright New Year we have prepared one of our regular offers – Select your own gift! What's the selection? Three of our last year's most popular gifts!

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  • ReNu MultiPlus (60 ml) solution – handy for traveling, keep it in your gym locker or on your office desk. A universal and multipurpose solution, including case. Save £3.29
  • Max OptiFresh eye drops (30 ml) – effective and long-lasting relief. In addition, it contains no preservatives and relieves allergies. Save £3.99
  • Eyeye eye pads – quick relief for tired eyes and swollen eyelids. Simply put the pad on your eyelid and the cucumber extracts and chamomile will take care of everything. Save £0.82

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Woman Solution Eye drops wipes

This offer ends on January 19th and, as usual – one customer = one gift. Even if you order several times, one of the gifts – the solution, drops or eye pads will be added to your first purchase only. Click on the banner in the newsletter to see your free gift added to your basket.

Happy shopping!

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  • Effrosyni Grosi
    a year ago

    Thank you!

    • Petru Culin
      a year ago

      It is our pleasure! :)


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