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Free eye drops for the whole family! Only today until midnight!


For your desk by your computer, your locker at the gym or even a day out in air-conditioned or smoky places. Max OptiFresh eye drops will provide relief for your eyes in unfavourable conditions. Try them for free – place your order today before midnight and we’ll add these artificial tears to your purchase!

Why should you try Max OptiFresh eye drops?
  • They provide immediate, soothing relief for your eyes, whether you wear contacts or not. They’re ideal for the whole family.
  • You can also use them as prevention – when using your computer, in a strong wind or smoky places.
  • Get them for free with your order today only.

Place your order and get the eye drops for free.

The offer is valid for one day only (14th of April) and the following applies: only one gift per customer. Even if more orders are made, we will only add the eye drops to your first purchase.

Happy shopping!


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