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42 tips & tricks to beat the coronavirus blues

Tips and tricks to beat coronavirus

Feeling exhausted and tired under the burden of the coronavirus pandemic? Unhappy because you suffer from social isolation? Tired of the seemingly never-ending restrictions?

Believe us, so are we. That's why we started thinking about how to beat coronavirus fatigue – without flouting the rules. So we went out, er, stayed in and emailed 200 friends and family members to ask them how they were coping with everyday life despite the pandemic. We wanted to know how people manage to keep their spirits up, socialise, educate and entertain themselves, and on top of that, stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Ready to spice up your everyday pandemic life with a few simple tips and tricks from real people? Check out our 42 best tips against covid fatigue!

How to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic?

  1. Take a walk. Every day. It works.
  2. If that's not enough for you, try jogging. It's hard to start, but once your body gets used to exercising, you'll strengthen your immune system and release endorphins.
  3. Speaking of our immune system: Include cold alternating showers in your daily routine to boost your defences.
  4. Try to exercise at home. The most fun, and success, is guaranteed if you do it online with a group of friends.
  5. Start listening to audiobooks instead of watching movies at night. These are fun and avoid bright lights before bedtime – and you'll fall asleep faster.
  6. Air your bedroom well before going to bed. Open the window and enjoy the cool air flowing in.
  7. Try online pilates. It'll help your mind relax – and your body tone up.
  8. Stop smoking! When, if not now, is the best time to quit?!

What's the best way to practice mental hygiene? How to fight covid anxiety?

  1. Don't spend too much time watching the news. Keep up to date with the latest policies (and stick to them), but keep the negativity out of your living room.
  2. If you still feel overwhelmed, try the Wim Hof method: take 30 quick deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then breathe in and out deeply; hold your breath until you need to inhale. Then inhale, as deeply as you can, and hold this breath for 10 seconds. You'll soon feel the Zen within you.
  3. It's not just pilates that lifts the spirit. Its big brother yoga has been proven to prevent depression and anxiety. Is there a better activity in lockdown?
  4. An essential element of good mental health is meditation. Download a meditation app or get a meditation handbook. If that doesn't motivate you: even Netflix now shows you how to meditate properly.
  5. Write a diary. Every evening. Your worries will literally be transferred from your head to the paper – and will stay there.
  6. Accept that some days you may feel down, unmotivated and sad. Understand that you can't always stay positive during these strange times. This will take some of the pressure off.
  7. Don't dwell on the faults and bad qualities of others. This is the time to finally take care of yourself!
  8. Finish what you have started. Don't postpone things just because you have the time to.
  9. Download Flow-list and write down three things every day that made you happy. Just that, nothing else – no future plans or past worries.

How to work effectively from home during the covid pandemic

  1. It's not as important what time you get up as what time you go to sleep. Try to be in bed before 11 pm. Any time after midnight means an extra cup of coffee the next day.
  2. Set up your own home office. This can be a whole room or just a desk. It's important for your success to separate your work from your private life.
  3. This trick may take some convincing, but: get yourself a standing desk. Your back will thank you.
  4. Take breaks and do things away from the computer like having a cup of coffee, eating lunch, washing dishes or, mhh, shining your shoes – just anything that distracts you from your work and the blue light of your computer and phone.
  5. Speaking of blue light, get yourself a pair of blue light glasses. These block blue light waves from entering your eye. You'll concentrate better, get fewer headaches and fall asleep faster.

How to establish routines in your daily pandemic life

  1. Maintain a fixed daily routine so that your days don't get out of sync. Go to bed and wake up at the same time – even on weekends, oh yeah!
  2. Wake up at least 2 hours before work to drink coffee, take a walk with your dog or read a book. There can't be a better start to the day.
  3. You'll love this tip: Have a glass of wine with your partner, flatmate or a good friend over Facetime – at least once in a while. Ask your loved ones how their day was and tell them about yours.

How to maintain a healthy and balanced diet throughout the coronavirus pandemic

  1. Drink and eat what you like, be kind to yourself. But try to incorporate delicious seasonal vegetables into your diet and explore new recipes.
  2. Replace your fifth coffee a day with two glasses of water with lemon.
  3. Barbecue! Either in your garden or on your balcony. Or grill a delicious (vegan) steak in your kitchen for a lovely summer evening.
  4. Speaking of vegan meat, include meat substitutes in your diet and celebrate vegetarian or vegan dishes. The planet will thank you.

How to learn new things and stay educated in spite of covid-19

  1. Learn a new language. What better time to prepare linguistically for your next big trip or place to live than now?
  2. Or learn to play the instrument you've wanted to play for a long time. But keep your hands off recorders. Please.
  3. Solve a Rubik's Cube. We wish you good luck.
  4. Take online courses in a wide variety of fields. Or watch public university lectures. Or TED Talks.
  5. Turn the tables and teach other people something you're really good at.

How to stay entertained in everyday covid life

  1. Play multiplayer games like Overcooked 2 or Monopoly with your partner or flatmates. Don't get too competitive for the sake of the household.
  2. Paint by numbers!
  3. Why not become a gardener? Start growing plants in your kitchen – ginger, avocados, carrots – even lettuce grows in a bottle.
  4. Create a YouTube video. Or build a website.
  5. Solve a big puzzle. When you have finished, the pandemic is almost over.

How do you maintain your relationships and friendships in lockdown?

  1. Stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues. Text them, call or send them a little something at home.
  2. Throw a Zoom party or two.
  3. Even if you can't actually meet anyone, it's wonderful to see strangers smiling at you under their masks. That will make your day.

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