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CooperVision introduces MyDay™ - new daily disposable contact lenses

CooperVision – a unique Smart Silicone™ chemistry delivers optimal experience for daily silicone-hydrogel wear.

Featuring a unique chemical structure called Smart Silicone™ chemistry, MyDay™ lenses (stenfilcon A) provide efficient channels for oxygen delivery to the cornea. With less silicon needed to achieve the desired oxygen permeability levels, the efficient silicone network allows for increased hydrophilic materials. This results in improved lens surface wettability, higher water content and lower, hydrogel-like modulus for a softer, more comfortable wearing experience.

MyDay™ lenses offer opticians and patients the optimal balance of comfort, handling and breathability for a healthy lens-wearing experience.

“MyDay™ is silicone hydrogel taken to the next level. It's designed for today's generation that's approaching life faster, smarter and more efficiently – people who want to experience all the world has to offer, yet do so effortlessly. MyDay™ promises healthier wear while minimising patient interaction with, and awareness of, the lens", said Dennis Murphy, executive vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, CooperVision.

Clinical researches indicate that nine of every 10 patients are satisfied with the comfort of MyDay™ lenses. In a bilateral, randomised, investigator-masked wearer comparison with the current leading daily disposable lens, MyDay™ lenses enjoyed superior performance across all measures: comfort, dryness, handling (by a staggering five-to-one ratio) and overall satisfaction. In addition, after two weeks of daily disposable lens wear, the high oxygen permeability of MyDay™ daily disposables contributed to less eye redness, resulting in whiter looking eyes.

MyDay™ lenses will be available in sphere powers (Diopters) of –10.00D to +6.00D (in 0.25D steps to –6.00D and 0.50D steps to –10.00D; and in 0.25D steps to +5.00D and 0.50D steps to +6.00D). The lenses have a 8.4mm base curve and a 14.2mm diameter, with a 0.08mm centre and 0.07mm edge thickness. UV filter help protect the wearer's vision by eliminating the permeability of UVA by 75% and UVB by 99%.


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