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Contact lens care

Lentiamo gives you tips on how to care for your contact lenses and keep your eyes healthy.

What is the best contact lens care system?

Your contact lens care system has been selected for you, by your doctor, to be compatible with the lens materials you are using. Lens materials and contact lens solutions interact, which can affect the disinfection ability. Generic lens solutions have been formulated for older lens materials; new lens materials have different chemical compositions and may not be compatible with generic solutions. If you have a question on which solution is best for you, please contact your optometrist.

Do I need to rub my lenses when I take them out?

Rubbing the contact lens for five-20 seconds, depending on your contact lens care solution, immediately after taking it out, removes deposits and micro-organisms and reduces complications. Recent evidence conclusively demonstrated that rubbing and rinsing the lens after wear provides the safest lens wear for all contact lenses and care systems currently on the market.

When unsure how to care for your lenses, please refer to the instructions provided with your care system, or speak to your optician.

Are my solutions good for an indefinite period of time? (i.e., past the expiration date)

Contact lens solutions should not be used after the expirations date. The local authorities have recommended that solution manufacturers begin labeling solution bottles with a discard date on their products, in addition to the usual expiration date. The discard date is the date the solution should be thrown out after opening. Manufacturers have begun to assign discard dates to their solutions. Most discard dates are two to six months after opening, depending on the solution. With the exception of those packaged in an aerosol can, contact lens solutions which do not contain a preservative, such as preservative-free saline solution, should be discarded 24 hours after opening.

Can I use any lubricants or red eye drops with my contact lenses?

“Get the red out” drops should not be used with soft contact lens wear. Drops not approved for contact lens wear can cause damage to both the contact lens and the eye. Consult your optometrist about which drops are best for your eyes and contact lens materials.

I only wear my lenses occasionally. How should I store my lenses in the meantime?

How long lenses can be stored in an unopened case depends on what disinfecting solution you use. Some solutions allow storage for up to one month, but hydrogen peroxide-based systems, while very effective, require at least weekly cleaning and disinfection.

If the case is opened, the lenses and case should be re-cleaned and new solution should be used to fill the container. Read the solution packaging thoroughly for instructions about lens storage and always follow the manufacturer recommended procedure. For further instructions, contact your optometrist.

What are the proper steps to follow each time I remove my contact lens from my eye?

  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses.
  • Always work with the same lens first.
  • Remove the lens and place in the palm of your hand.
  • Apply contact lens solution or lens cleaner and rub the lens for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the contact lens with contact lens solution. Never use tap water.
  • Place the contact lens into a clean lens case and completely fill the well of the case with multipurpose solution.
  • Soak the lens according to the manufacturers recommended soaking time. This time will vary with depending on the brand of solution.
  • Read the solution packaging thoroughly for instructions about lens cleaning and always follow the manufacturer recommended procedure.

I dropped the contact lens on the floor, I don't have time to run an entire care cycle, what do I do?

It is not enough simply to rinse off the contaminants and dust particles from the floor. Bathroom floors and other such surfaces may harbor significantly high numbers of microorganisms. While the tear film and corneal surface provide a remarkable barrier to infection, no one ever knows when the barrier will break down.

The only sure way to guarantee safety is to apply a new contact lens. This can be easily accomplished if wearing disposable soft contact lenses. The next best thing is to clean the lens and run it through the entire disinfection cycle as recommended by your care system's manu­facturer. Every contact lens wearer should have a pair of glasses to wear as needed.

Is it okay to use tap water to rinse, insert or store my lenses?

Never use tap water in any area of your lens care, including rinsing the lenses and lens case. Make sure your hands are dry before handling the lens. Tap water contains micro-organisms which can lead to serious eye infections and loss of vision.

Can I swim with contact lenses?

Swimming with contact lenses should be avoided whenever possible to help prevent bacterial contamination of your eye. Swimming with contacts can result in eye infections, irritation and potentially sight-threatening conditions such as a corneal ulcer.

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