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New gifts to bring you comfort! Choose one now

The first gift encourages eye regeneration. The second gift substitutes tears, while the third one kills dangerous microorganisms.
These are the new gifts we have for you, for maximum contact lens comfort. Choose one, by 7 November and add it to your shopping basket!

Gifts to choose from

Zero-Seven Refreshing 120 ml – solution from the “happy medium” category. It will provide your lenses every care they need.
Max Optifresh 10 ml –artificial tears for everyday use. You can use them even with your lenses in.
Lilien gel 50 ml – efficient antibacterial gel that will kill 99,9 % of bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds. For cleaning your hands without water.

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Important: The special offer ends on 7 November and we have one gift per customer: even if more orders are made, the solution, eye drops or gel will be added only to your first purchase.


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