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Solution, eye drops, or gel for free. Only until 20 August!

Dear Lentiamers,

Summer is in full swing and so is our free travel gifts offer– which one of the three choices will you add to your shopping basket this time? The offer ends on 20 August.

Introducing the gifts
Zero-Seven Refreshing 80 ml– cleans lenses in just 4 hours. Even if you go to bed really late and you can’t sleep in, your lenses will be ready to use by the time you wake up.
Max Optifresh 10 ml – instant relief when your eyes are tired from lack of sleep, air-conditioning or weather conditions. Immediate and long-lasting.
Lilien 50 ml – disinfecting gel for challenging conditions – no need for water, rinsing or drying. It destroys 99,9 % of bacteria in 60 seconds.

Add the chosen gift to your shopping basket for free

Important:The special offer ends on 20 August and we can give one gift per customer. Even if more orders are made, the solution, eye drops or gel will be added only to your first purchase.


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