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Pack to the future…


We’re offering three different gifts this month. And you get to choose which is the one for you.

Decisions, decisions…

What about a super-handy 60ml bottle of Max OptiFresh solution? Or a pair of tweezers (ideal for handling lenses when you’re out and about and can’t wash your hands). Or maybe a pastel OKASE 3D lens case for taking your lenses here, there and everywhere? Pack wisely for your summer travels. Pick wisely from these gifts!

Once you’ve decided, just click on the gift you want below, and place an order with us by 19th August. Easy!

Choose your gift
Woman Solution Tweezers Lens case

Remember, this offer is only valid until 19th August and as always we’re only able to offer one gift per customer.

Happy shopping!

All the best,

Your Lentiamo


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