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Changing your look in the blink of an eye

It’s cold outside… you’re on the go and in a tearing hurry, and suddenly… your glasses fog up and you can’t see a bloody thing. Know the feeling? And it’s not only cold weather that steams them up, how about some rain or snow? These are the moments when you find yourself wishing your vision is perfect and you don’t really have to start saving money for an eye surgery.

It goes without saying that glasses are definitely less efficient when it comes to sports, dance, and other activities that require constant body motions. When they’re slipping down your nose, they are a distraction you definitely do not need. You have to be careful not to drop them or break them, or even worse, let someone do it for you! Not only will it cost you a fortune to replace your expensive pair, but also, could you imagine your life without them?

What’s more, glasses don’t always match everything you wear daily, do they? Many different occasions require different sets of clothes and your glasses may not always complement your perfect outfit. If you actually enjoy wearing glasses because they suit your image and you'd never give them up, that's fine too. But wouldn’t it be nice to once in a while show the world your natural appearance? Glasses create unnatural barrier between your eyes and the rest of the world, they change the look of your face by covering a considerable part of it. Wearing contacts you’ll let people see your eyes, and as someone once said, “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Well said!

If you’re attached to your glasses but you’re looking for a way to alter your look, contact lenses are a great option. Try them out for a month or two and see the difference, not only in your lifestyle, but also in your appearance.

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If you’ve already switched to contact lenses and you’re enjoying their benefits on a daily basis, you can always mix things up by investing in the coloured contacts. If you're up for an easy but extremely effective way to radically change your look, coloured contacts are just what you need. Many stores offer a huge selection of gorgeous colours, ranging from classics such as blue, brown and green to pink, red, black and purple! You really don't need a special occasion to surprise your friends with your new, and definitely noticeable look. If you're blond with light blue eyes, pick a gemstone green colour and see how much you will change in a flash! Most of the eye care professionals offer trials so you can make up your mind after trying them on.

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When choosing coloured contacts, you have two possible options – you can opt for natural contacts made with a technology that guarantees a natural appearance. No one has to know that you’re wearing contacts! Not interested in a natural look? Try out special effect contacts (also called costume or theatrical contacts) to get the eyes of a cat, zombie, or a reptile so you could scare off the people around you. If you have a good sight and you don't need a vision correction but you're really tempted by the perspective of changing your appearance, you can always choose non-dioptric lenses that does not require prescription and have no influence on your vision. The effect is definitely worth investing in.

However, If you’re a proud owner of dark brown eyes, make sure you carefully read the product description to find out if the contact lenses you want to get are strong enough to change your eye colour. Some products may fail in providing the desirable effect, so it’s better to be certain before spending your money! Now is the time for you to finally try out the benefits of contact lenses! But first, be sure to visit to find the latest offers and deals on contact lenses from!


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