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Free gifts? One of them is brand new. Until 12 February

Dear Lentiamers,

Are you looking for an easy-to-pack substitute for your umbrella which is a travel must in the spring months that are approaching? A lens-design packamac will do the job – and this is the first time we are offering it as a free gift. Or would you prefer the more “traditional” solution or eye drops? The offer is valid until 12 February. 

Choose yours
  • Max Optifresh bioplus 60 ml – versatile travel pack solution, case is included.
  • Max OptiFresh 10 ml – artificial tears that provide relief for eyes irritated by pollution, wind or air-conditioning.
  • Packamac – practical item for everyday use in a special “contact lens” edition.

Add your chosen gift to the shopping basket

The offer is valid until 12 February and the following applies: only one gift per customer. Even if more orders are made, the solution, eye drops or packamac will only be added to your first purchase.

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Valid only for next 6 days


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