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Ray-Ban Everglasses

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Ray-Ban Everglasses

Never without a pair. That’s the motto of the new Ray-Ban Everglasses, the brand’s cutting-edge blue light glasses collection. It demonstrates that one pair of glasses is enough to protect you from exposure to light, no matter which kind of light it is. You may sit in front of the computer, in a brightly lit room or in the sun - Ray-Ban Everglasses protect you from blue light, indoor lighting and sunlight.

Which frames make up the Ray-Ban Everglasses collection?

Let's start with the design of the new glasses collection. The creators of Ray-Ban Everglasses have stayed true to their signature styles when creating their blue light glasses collection. They selected the brand's most popular and best frames and fitted them with blue light and UV filters. That means that from now on you can buy the most iconic frames such as the legendary Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Clubmaster and Aviator as part of the Everglasses collection.

Are Ray-Ban Everglasses equipped with a blue light filter?

Oh yes, they are. These Ray-Ban glasses and their Clear Lenses with Blue Filter are advanced blue light glasses that protect you from harmful rays emitted by digital screens. The reason your eyes need the use of computer glasses is the daily use of computers, mobile phones, tablets and TVs, which can put a lot of strain on the eyes.

Everglasses are therefore designed to block 20% of blue light between 380 and 450 NM. This allows the ready-to-wear non-dioptric glasses to protect your eyes from digital eye strain, tired eyes and headaches. Their blue light filter lenses help reduce eye fatigue and burning, they minimise brightness, and they improve contrast. When worn at night, the Ray-Ban blue light filter lenses can even prevent difficulty falling asleep.

Let your eyes benefit from protection along with optimal visual comfort.

Do Ray-Ban Everglasses offer UV protection?

The Everglasses collection not only boasts a modern blue light filter. Also its modern UV protection is worth mentioning. It provides you with 100% sun protection around the clock and is therefore the ideal accessory for the whole day.

See for yourself - wear a Ray-Ban Everglasses model to the office or home office, as well as for sports and sunbathing, and experience excellent vision and eye comfort.

What materials are used for Ray-Ban Everglasses?

Ray-Ban clear lenses are made of high-quality materials. These ensure high durability, sturdiness and maximum functionality. When you order a pair of blue light glasses of the Ray-Ban Everglasses collection, you will additionally receive a premium case and a glasses cleaning cloth - all without shipping costs, as befits Lentiamo.

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