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Meet our team: Peter Purdeš, the pricing specialist

He's originally from Prešov, Slovakia, got his first work experience in Brno and currently lives and works in Prague – for us ;) His name is Peter Purdeš and the aim of his job is clear – to adjust the prices of our European e-shops so that they are best fit for you (and yes, for us as well). When he's not working, he enjoys running, cooking or going to the theatre. Meet Peter.

Five questions for Peter

We couldn’t possibly ask anything else first: who are you, where are you from and how did you get to Maternia? I am from Slovakia, a town called Prešov, which is where I grew up, studied and also came across marketing for the first time. This is the field I have been working in until today. I gained my first marketing experience in Prešov, later in Brno and eventually I ended up in Prague where I also found out about Maternia. All I had to do was to be in the right place at the right time.

For some time, you worked in extra-curricular education. Do you believe that people continue learning their whole life? How do you work on your education? It is true that I worked in that sector for some time and yes, I do believe that people learn their whole life. It always depends on whether you want to go that one step further. I think that there is always room for improvement and moving forward. And this is what we tried to pass on to our students. And it is what I try to live by myself.

Pricing specialist. That's not your standard work position. What do you do and what does your usual work day look like? My work? I try to make sure that we can always offer our customers the best prices. Each day is different but if I should somehow summarize it, I start by checking the prices and the salability of our products and stocks in all of our 15 European e-shops. Based on that I adjust the prices to make them the most reasonable for our customers.

Basketball, running and cooking – your hobbies compliment each other. Do you have any more hobbies? Which one is your favorite? I naturally have more hobbies but sadly I don’t have much time for them right now. I love reading and theatre.

An obligatory question at the end: if you had five words to invite new customers to VašeČoč, what would you say? Buy contact lenses at our e-shop and you won’t shop anywhere else. I realise it’s more than 5 words but it’s the truth.

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